Children are in the care of the playgroup until they are handed over into the care of their parent/carer.

The times and procedures for collection of children should be made clear to parents in the information given to parents prior to a child starting at the playgroup.  The procedures if a child is not collected should also be made clear.   Very occasionally, a parent may be delayed or a child ‘forgotten’ by another family member, friend or neighbour.

If a parent or person collecting the child is delayed, that person should contact the playgroup to warn of the delay and the expected time of collection, with a possible alternative person to collect e.g. the parent of another child attending the playgroup.

If a child is not collected a reasonable time after the session finishes and no message has been received (e.g 30 minutes), a Joint Play Leader will telephone the parent.

If contact cannot be made with the parent/main carer, the other named person(s) for the child will be contacted by telephone. 

It is necessary for two members of staff to remain with the child at the playgroup until the child is collected, for their own protection.  Staff will remain with the child for as long as they are able but within their own commitments.

If no contact can be made with the parent/carer/other named person and no message has been received, it may be necessary, in an extreme case, to contact Social Services for the child to be looked after by the Service until the parent/carer is able to be contacted and collect the child.

The Staff at the playgroup will only follow the previous point procedure if all other efforts have failed and one hour has elapsed.  At all times the staff aim to develop a good relationship with parents, with the child’s best interests at heart and would be reluctant to have to resort to this procedure.

This highlights the need for details to be given by parents of another family member, friend or neighbour who can be contacted in an emergency, or another child’s parent who is willing to take the child.  The playgroup needs to have these details in writing, which should be included in the information given by parents when the child begins attending the playgroup.

This policy was reviewed and updated on 10/01/2019.