Admissions Policy

The waiting list is reviewed regularly and we will give you as much notice as possible of the number of sessions per week that your child may attend. In the event of over-subscription priority will be given to:

1. Continuation of a place for all existing children attending the Playgroup and wishing to stay-on

2. Oldest children

3. Children using the Playgroup as their sole/main childcare provider (i.e. those not regularly attending another childcare setting)

The Playgroup does not offer places based on a catchment area/geographical proximity to the Playgroup and length of time on the waiting list does not influence whether a place is offered or not.  However, place allocation begins after Easter so it is advisable to request a place for your child before this time, if possible.

From September 2019, children joining the Playgroup may attend for 4 sessions per week, 9.15am – 1pm Monday to Thursday. This will include a supervised lunch hour (children to bring packed lunch from home). This marks a change to our previous opening hours and we are pleased that we can now offer parents of 3-4 year olds the opportunity to use their 15 hours government funded childcare allowance.

A non-refundable deposit of £30 is payable when a place is reserved, and this acts as your acceptance of the offered place.This deposit covers the administration fees.   If you wish to withdraw your child from Playgroup, at least a half term’s notice is required otherwise fees for that term will be charged. Once you have paid your £30 deposit you will be sent welcome information and details of your child’s start date.

The waiting list will close at the end of the Spring term and will re-open for the following academic year in September.

The committee also host a teddy bear’s picnic at the end of the Summer term, the date of which will be advised. This is a nice opportunity to come along and potentially meet some other children who will be joining along with their parents.