Once you have been allocated a place at Playgroup, you will naturally be thinking ahead to when your child will start.

Before your child starts

In order to help your child settle in, you will be asked to complete an ‘All About Me’ form and provide a photo of your child (approx size 4” x 6”) so that we can have their coat peg label ready for their first day. We need to receive these by the beginning of July.

The committee also host a teddy bear’s picnic at the end of the Summer term, the date of which will be advised. This is a nice opportunity to come along and potentially meet some other children who will be joining along with their parents.

Starting Playgroup

All new children join gradually over the first weeks of term so that we can spend time helping them to settle in happily. Playgroup staff will write to you advising you of your child’s start date.

Children should come dressed for play and in clothes that parents won’t mind getting the odd splash of paint or glue on! Please bring a spare change of clothes in a bag for your child in case of any accidents.

Your child may also want to bring along a favourite cuddly toy/teddy bear to help them feel comfortable and secure.

It is natural for some children to get upset when starting in a new environment, particularly if this is the first time that they have been left in a group childcare setting. We would encourage parents to spend a few moments with their child and then leave, rather than waiting to see how their child is. If children become particularly upset, we will comfort and reassure them. In our experience, this phase usually passes quite quickly once children have become used to their surroundings.

Collecting artwork

We display all paintings and craft work created by the children on tables within the hall. Please collect these when you pick up your child.

Washing hand towels

We ask that parents take hand towels home for washing on a rota basis. We may also leave large items by the front door i.e. old toys, which need to be taken to the tip. We are very grateful for any help that parents can provide.

Dropping off and picking up

Our preference is that children are dropped off and picked up on time. We only have the hall for fixed periods of time so your efforts would be appreciated.

What if my child is ill or cannot attend

If your child is ill or cannot attend, please either call the playgroup or ask another parent to pass on the message to playgroup staff. If a child has been suffering from sickness or diarrhoea they must not attend for 48 hours after the last bout.