We want children and families to enjoy being involved in our playgroup.  Children need to know that other adults care about them and will help them to play and work with the activities offered at the playgroup.  Parents need to feel confident in the ability of the adults in the group to look after and encourage their children to participate. Upset children cannot relax and enjoy the different activities available.

When children are of an age to start at playgroup we will:

  • Encourage parents to visit the pre-school with their child, to stay for part of the session, before admission;
  • Agree, through discussion with the parents, how we will introduce and settle a child into the playgroup, to ensure that the individual needs of the child are being met;
  • Welcome parents at our sessions until they feel that their child has settled in and no longer needs them there, although we generally find that a child normally settles very quickly once the parent has left;
  • Have flexible admission procedures to help individual families;
  • Reassure parents whose children seem to be taking a long time settling into the pre-school;
  • Reassure parents who are anxious about their child, eg. telephone the parent to assure them that their child is happily involved; describe to the parents what activities their child has enjoyed, as something to be shared later;
  • Introduce new starters into our playgroup in small numbers over a planned period of time to allow each child the time and support needed to settle;
  • Encourage parents to prepare their children for playgroup by helping them to become independent in taking care of themselves, eg. putting on and taking off their coat/hat/gloves /mittens;
  • Encourage parents to reassure their children that they will come for them at the end of the session, or ensure that they know who will come for them.

This policy was reviewed and updated on 10/01/2019.