In our playgroup we aim to provide an environment which ensures children are safe from potential abuse.  We will respond to any suspicion of potential abuse in a way which respects the child’s rights and reinforces the adults’ responsibilities to the children.

If playgroup staff suspect that a child is being abused the following procedures will be followed:

The member of staff will discuss their suspicions with the Designated Child Protection Liaison Officer – Lisa Brewis.

The DCPO will arrange a preliminary investigation meeting between themselves and the person or people who have highlighted concern. This meeting will be minuted.

If, following a discussion, there are still concerns the DCPO will hold a meeting with the parents to discuss the concerns and their views of events. (Unless the DCPO thought the child was in greater danger).

If the DCPO still had concerns then they would contact:

Surrey Safeguarding Hub     03001231620  

If you have any concerns about a child press option 2, for practitioners wanting to have an anonymous consultation option 3.   

Out of hours contact number     01483517898

 in line with Government guidelines, following up their concerns in writing within 48 hours; using the Multi Agency Referral Form.

Children’s Services Team  will then acknowledge receipt of referral and decide on next course of action – feedback will be given to the playgroup;

The Officer in Charge will maintain accurate records of all telephone calls, minutes and outcomes of meetings etc, relevant to the matter, treating these records as highly confidential and keeping them in a locked fire proof box. The Officer in Charge has the details on file for Surrey Safeguarding Children’s Board and how to contact them.

This procedure was reviewed and updated on 10/01/2019.