We strongly believe that the vitality and happy atmosphere of the playgroup are greatly determined by the level of parental interest and involvement.  Parents are the most significant people in a young child’s life, the first educators.  Our playgroup will work with parents, supporting, encouraging and reinforcing best practice and guiding or advising when parents ask for suggestions of ways of caring and coping with their children.  

In order to do this we will:

  • Ensure that time is given to new parents when they look around the playgroup and they are made to feel welcome;
  • Encourage parents to become actively involved in the group;
  • Ensure that all parents know about our aims and policies including our complaints procedure;
  • Give regular feedback on their child’s progress, using specific examples of achievement or behaviour;
  • Encourage parents to become actively involved in the fundraising for the group;
  • Listen to parents’ comments and opinions about their child’s progress, thus enabling us to improve our knowledge of the child and further support the family;
  • Ensure that times, places and information about our regular meetings is available to all parents;
  • Inform parents about workshops and training which might interest them i.e. importance of play, curriculum issues/changes;
  • Ensure that time is available at the beginning and end of each session to share achievements with parents;
  • Involve parents in the shared record keeping about their children – either formally or informally – and ensure parents have access to their children’s written records;
  • Ensure parents are aware of our comments and suggestions box.

This policy was reviewed and updated on 10/01/2019.