Parents and the staff within a playgroup need to know what procedures will be followed regarding administering prescribed and non-prescribed medication, together with the procedures to be followed in the very rare occurrence of an accident.


Where a child is taking a limited course of medication e.g. antibiotics, it would be expected that this will be administered by the parent at home.  However, if a child is ill and is prescribed antibiotics, the full course should be completed before the child returns to the group.

If a child is taking a non-prescribed medicine e.g. cough medicine, this would be expected to be administered by the parent at home.

Where staff agree to administer medication to a child, the group needs to be clear who will be responsible, so that both the parent/carer and the child know and that a medication book has been signed by the parent/carer stating the dosage/ application, time.

Occasionally a child is on regular medication or as needed e.g. asthmatic, when the child often has learnt to administer his/her own medication, but under supervision. The parent/carer will need to sign the medication book stating the dosage, time or frequency.

Staff must ensure that a parent/carer has signed the medication book, giving permission for administering any medication.

If a member of staff is taking medication that may affect their ability to care for children, the member of staff should inform the committee and seek medical advice. 

Staff’s medication on the premises should be securely stored and out of reach of children at all times.


Whilst not wishing to alarm parents, it is possible for a child to have an accident which needs urgent professional attention by a doctor, dentist or at a hospital.  If necessary an ambulance will be called and a member of staff will accompany the child, to hopefully be met by the parent or other relative/friend. 

If such an occasion arises, the staff will make every endeavour to contact the parent(s) or a named relation, friend, for that person to take the responsibility for any subsequent treatment.

In the unlikely event that no one can be contacted, the Joint Play Leaders should take responsibility and ensure that the child receives prompt attention in the care of a member of staff.

An Accident Book will be kept of all accidents and incidents no matter how minor.

The Designated Health & Safety Officer is Sophie Swarbrick.

This policy was reviewed and updated on 10/01/2019.