We recognise that every child and family is unique with individual needs. We are committed to equal opportunities for all our families and staff. The Playgroup believes in the principle that parents are the prime educators of their children and when parents and Playgroup Staff work together the learning experience is enriched.

Parent-based committee

A committee of parents runs the Playgroup. It is responsible for appointing the staff, dealing with the finances and matters relating to premises, etc. The committee is elected every year at the AGM; there is a Chairperson (who is named as the legal owner on behalf of the committee), Secretary, Treasurer and often other elected members. The committee also organises fundraising and social events such as a Christmas Fair. All parents are invited to committee meetings and to be as involved as they can be in the Playgroup.

Key workers

Upon starting the Playgroup, each child is allocated one member of staff as their Key Worker. Whilst all members of staff will interact with every child, a child’s key worker will lead the development of their profile documentation and be available as a first point of contact for parents.