Our playgroup has used the DfES Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs, to devise a policy and procedures which will ensure that all children have the appropriate opportunities to learn through play and that all families will feel welcome.  We endeavour to have an inclusive policy at all times.

We designate a member of staff to be Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCo – Sophie Swarbrick) and give his/her name to parents.

Consultation between parents, play leaders and Inclusion coordinator, where appropriate, will plan the admission and settling in program for each individual child;

Children’s progress and needs will be monitored by carefully planned methods of observation by all staff and will be shared with parents, taking account of information from parents.  This will enable the staff, with the Inclusion coordinator, to plan and work through a Planned Pathway with individual children;

Children’s specific needs will be monitored, supported and reviewed by the playgroup staff in consultation with other professionals, including speech therapists, psychologists, paediatricians, social workers and health visitors;

We ensure that our physical environment is, as far as possible, suitable for children with disabilities

Staff will attend relevant training to ensure that they keep up to date with the requirements of all children with additional support special needs and regarding specific conditions and disabilities.

Staff will liaise closely with and learn from parents and appropriate professionals about the particular specific needs and procedures for individual children.

We use a system for keeping records of the assessment, planning, provision and review for children with SEND

Children’s right to privacy will be maintained while carrying out personal hygiene activities, by ensuring that other children and adults are not able to observe the child.

This policy was reviewed and updated on 10/01/2019.