The safety of the children at all times is a prime consideration in all that takes place at the playschool.

In all that the children do at playschool, e.g. activities inside and outside, moving around playgroup from one activity to another, using equipment for physical development; staff are aware of the safety aspects for the children.  Nevertheless, accidents do happen and staff are trained in First Aid.

The First Aid kit will be kept up to date with contents, in a safe place when not in use, but readily available throughout the session.  A designated member of staff will be responsible for this.

Most accidents will be minor ones e.g. falling over, bumping heads, bumping into something or someone.

In the case of such an accident a member of staff trained in First Aid will be responsible for the aid given and for ensuring that the child is fit to continue in the session.

If the staff are unsure that the child is fully recovered, the parent/carer will be contacted and asked to collect the child.  If a parent/carer cannot be contacted the child will be cared for by a member of staff.

The accident details should be written in the Accident Book giving date, time, detail of occurrence, treatment given and signed by the member of staff who saw or dealt with the injury.

A note detailing the type of accident, the time of the occurrence and the treatment given, should be given to the parent in addition to any verbal feedback.

A more serious accident could be a suspected fracture or break of a limb, a deep cut that could need stitches, a child who has not recovered from a fall or a bump.  In the event of a more serious accident the following procedure should be followed:

The parent/carer to be contacted, informed of the accident and the need for professional help.  The parent, if transport available, will probably wish to take the child to hospital/doctor. 

If there is a need for immediate treatment, the emergency ambulance service should be contacted, giving details of the injury, location of the playgroup.  The parent/carer should be contacted and informed of what has been done.

In the event of the parent/carer not being available, a member of staff should accompany the child to hospital, but ensuring that the remaining staffing levels for the other children are adequate.

Recording of details will be as above when appropriate, but staff should be clear about the circumstances and any witnesses who actually saw the occurrence.

It is important that no one panics and that the other children are reassured.

This highlights the need for parents to give the name and contact details to the group of a family member, friend or neighbour as an emergency contact.

The Designated Health & Safety Officer is Sophie Swarbrick.

This policy was reviewed and updated on 10/01/2019.